Alfred Sung knows what women want

Dessy's Alfred Sung bridesmaid dress

Alfred Sung D604

World renowned Canadian designer Alfred Sung has designed a gorgeous range of exquisite bridal party wear that is bound to please brides and bridesmaids alike. With it’s phenomenally large range of styles even the most discerning bride is sure to find something to suit her wedding vision.

Dessy Alfred Sung D597

D597 – Click to Enlarge

Alfred Sung understands that women come in all shapes and sizes and his range reflects that understanding with adjustable lengths as well as a wide range of sizes. It’s easier to create a cohesive look for your wedding with the flexibility afforded by Alfred Sung’s dresses.

Dessy Alfred Sung D498 bridesmaid dress


With an unparalleled commitment to realizing your wedding design vision they have designed a diverse and tasteful range of gorgeous colors in both bold vibrant shades and subtle pastel hues as well. This, coupled with extensive fabric options, allows you to effectively design your own unique look for your bridal party.

Dessy Alfred Sung D568 bridesmaid dress


Drafted, designed, cut and tailored to create figure flattering and versatile dresses, Alfred Sung’s range has a style and flair all it’s own that is sure to impress. No where is this attention to detail and variance in fit more apparent than between the classic cut, sweetheart bust line of the D620 to the similar in style but vastly different in cut, D614, with it’s modest straight bust line.

Dessy Alfred Sung D624 bridesmaid dress


The range also varies in scope from the timeless vintage classic Alfred Sung D568 to the fresh and contemporary Alfred Sung D624. Whether you are looking for a unique take on a retro style or a more conventional sleek and subtle look you will find something in this carefully chosen selection of bridesmaid fashion pieces.

These amazing dresses also offer the option for matching shawls and specialty rush orders for people in a hurry.

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